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About Me

My Background


God.  Music.  Writing.  Food.  Community.

These are the things that have defined my life.  In the beginning that looked like Church,  musicals, journals, Italians and choir.  Things have appeared to have changed over time but in one form or another these all remain.  And still the constant in all is Love.

What I love

from performance of Joan Chittister The Play in Morristown, NJ


I love writing them, singing them, speaking them.  I love to tell stories and talk about the meaning of life.  

So I wrote a book about my life, a blog about  the  meaning  in  everyday life, a play about Joan’s life and mine and my mother— and recorded two different CDs that try to capture the beauty, joy and mystery of life and Love.


Into the Woods, Flagstaff, AZ 
Flagstaff Light Opera Company,
now Flagstaff Music Theatre

What a spiritual exercise to discover another's motivation, empty yourself and become them so you can tell their story and hopefully move an audience to feel more connected to them as well.  This is what theatre is for me and then there's the company you are working with...a community of change-makers.  Theatre is ministry, holy work, disguised as entertainment. 

Book a Performance

Teri Bays in Joan Chittister The Play in Sedona, Mary D. Fisher Theatre.


Teri's Work

Spark of Creation


"This CD is born from, and is a celebration of, this "spark" that I call the Spirit of God."

Featuring songs of 

David Friedman 

and rarely heard songs from musicals  you  know  and  some you don’t know—but  all  of  them offer  inspiration.

Through Stained Glass: the priests of my life


A true and intimate memoir.  Views of life and God are transformed.  Sometimes light-hearted, sometimes troubling, but always honest, we see the author inspired by, and sometimes despite, the priests of her life.

Joan Chittister The Play


Joan Chittister:  Her story, my story, our story is a one-woman  play about the intersecting lives of women overcoming adversity, domestic abuse & injustice.

”The work is seamlessly, artfully and movingly welded together.  It’s a fresh and interesting approach to the notion of the universality of women today.  It has heart and substance...great praise.”

                             Joan Chittister

Sacred Songs, Sacred Space


A CD of favorites from Schubert's Ave Maria to Michael Joncas' On Eagle's Wings.  Teri sings familiar songs and some beautiful less-familiar inspiring songs, all recorded in Sedona, AZ.

"Finally a collection of sacred songs that we know and love, sung prayerfully and beautifully by Teri Bays."  


NEW Book coming: Inspired Into Play


Relying  on  the  Spirit  to  negotiate  life’s  changes,  the  resulting  lessons offer a blueprint for finding  one’s  own  path  prompted by that  Spirit— which always leads to the most unexpected and perfect outcomes....and  sometimes ,  a  play!

Changing Church, Changing World


First presented at the National Call to Action Conference, Teri's Changing Church, Changing World presentation is ever-changing still.

My Blog: Pasta, Presence and a Parrot

Discovering the Spirit of God in Everyday Things